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We answer your questions


Where do your products come from?

The origin of the fruit and dried fruit is indicated on each product. We work with various purchasing centres to source our products as well as possible and the origins are updated daily.

The snacks are produced by Belgian and Brussels craftsmen.

Our aperitif and breakfast boards are produced at MeltingPom’ with high quality products.

The products for our gourmet gifts are Belgian, with a few exceptions for seafood products.

Are the products organic?

All organic products are visible either in the product title or by the organic sticker on the product picture. We are certified by Certisys (BE-Bio-01) for the marketing of organic products.

Fruit and Fruit baskets

As a company, how do I determine the quantity to order?

As a company, you have the choice of ordering your products by piece or choosing one of our baskets.

  • By the piece: you choose exactly what your colleagues like and thus avoid food waste. We recommend one portion of fruit per person per day.
  • You choose a basket: the drop-down menu allows you to choose the number of people in your organisation. The basket is designed for a 5-day week and contains approximately 1 piece of fruit per person per day.

What is the fruit delivered in?

The fruit is delivered in reusable recycled plastic crates worth €5.86. We collect the crates after each delivery, clean them and reuse them.


What are the snacks like?

Our snacks are packed in jars that we wash and reuse over and over again. There is a deposit of 3 euro on each jar to motivate you to hand over all your jars to the deliverer.

What the snacks are made of?

The complete list of ingredients and allergens is available on the website and on request. We favour low-processed and fully traceable products.


Events products (aperoplates and breakfast) are only available for delivery in Brussels!

Are all event products available all year round?

Yes, all events products are available all year round. For large orders, we ask you to give us a few days notice.


How are gourmet gifts wrapped?

The name of the product indicates how the gift will be packaged:

  • Basket: the products will be nicely presented in a wicker basket and wrapped in film.
  • Box: the products will be nicely presented in a box (cardboard).
  • Case: the products are packed in a wooden box. The lid of the wooden boxes can be personalised with your company logo and/or a quote. This can be done on request at the following e-mail address:

Is it possible to add a personal message to the basket?

Of course. When you order a gourmet gift you will have the opportunity to add a small personal message during the purchase process.

The message is then printed on a nice card and attached to the gift.

Is it possible to add a personal item to the basket?

Yes, of course. Simply send it to 79 Rue Goffart, 1050 Ixelles, specifying the order number.

Is it possible to order large quantities for corporate gifts?

Certainly! We love logistical challenges. Will you be the next to break our record of 1,000 parcels sent in 3 days?



Is it mandatory to create an account?

Yes, but don’t worry, it’s done in two clicks. The account is created at the first order, you just have to follow the instructions. If your organisation does not have a VAT number, please send us an email and we will tell you how to proceed.



How do I adapt my subscription?

You can change your subscription by going to your backoffice in the subscription tab. You can pause your subscription, change the frequency and/or adapt the composition of your subscription.

To change the composition of your subscription:

  • Fruit: click on cart.modify_details below the fruit basket.
  • Snacks: simply browse the site and choose subscription instead of order.

How far in advance of delivery can I change my subscription?

You can change your subscription up to 3 days before the delivery. After that, the change will apply to the next deadline (next delivery).

My company has several sites, how do I make different subscriptions for each site?

Use a different email address and therefore a different account for each site, making sure you specify the billing addresses. You will only receive one invoice and this will be an opportunity to get closer to your colleague with whom you have taken out the subscription.

I want to subscribe to two deliveries per week?

Proceed in the same way as for a subscription on several sites. Use one email address for your Monday subscription and another for your Wednesday subscription, for example.


What are the delivery costs?

Delivery is always included in our prices. So it’s very simple, you don’t have to take into account any additional delivery costs.

What are the delivery days?

We deliver every day from Monday to Friday. Weekend deliveries are also possible for Brussels on request at

Send abroad?

We deliver gifts all over the world. We will be happy to make you an offer. Just send an email to

What are the delivery times?

Our couriers are warming up early in the morning! All orders placed before 4pm will be delivered the next morning for Brussels and until 7pm for the other municipalities in Belgium.

What happens if my weekly order falls on a public holiday?

Don’t worry, we’ll keep your products cool. Your order will simply be delayed until the next working day.


We do not have a credit card at the office…

Don’t panic! Companies do not pay online. Simply order on our platform and we will send you an invoice with all deliveries of the month at the end of the month. If necessary, give us the purchase order number (PO) so that the invoice can be paid without any problems.

What payment methods can I use?

As a private person, you choose a usual payment method to complete your order.