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Where do your products come from?

Our products are mainly Belgian, produced in Belgium, and wherever possible, we favour the local sector and we know our producers and craftsmen personally.

Are the products organic?

We favour Belgian and organic products, without being exclusive. Indeed, we also support local producers who have a reasoned agriculture rather than organic at all costs. In order to leave everyone the choice and to work in complete transparency, the origin as well as the organic labels are indicated in the presentation of each product.

Fruit baskets

I am an individual, can I subscribe weekly?

We do not have a subscription formula for private individuals so that you can select your own fruit each week according to the season. However, if you would still like to have a standard basket delivered each week, do not hesitate to contact us on 02/6484525 or

I am a company, how do I determine the quantities to order?

You have two possibilities, – either you compose your own basket, in this case we recommend about 5 fruits per employee per week (i.e. one fruit per day/person), so for a company with 20 employees we advise you to select 100 fruits.
If you prefer to opt for an already composed basket we follow the same logic. The basket for 5 persons therefore consists of about 25 portions (one portion per day/person). You will always be able to change these quantities during your subscription to adapt to the habits of your employees.

In what content are the fruits delivered?

Your fruits are delivered in small foldable reusable bins that we collect and clean weekly. To prevent the fruit from being damaged and to make it easier to transport in the cargo bikes, we only work with 5-person baskets.
This means that if you order a basket for 20 people you will receive 4 small baskets for 5 people that can be easily distributed throughout your office.
If you subscribe, you will also receive nice wicker baskets to arrange the fruit at your best convenience within your office.


When will my snacks be delivered?

The snack products were originally developed to complement your fruit baskets. Ideally we will therefore include your snacks with your next fruit delivery. However, it is still possible to order your snacks without fruit deliveries. However, we ask for a minimum order of 30€ to have free delivery.

In what content are the snacks delivered?

In order to keep waste to a minimum, the majority of our products are delivered in bulk in returnable glass jars. Once the jars are empty, simply store them with the foldable baskets and we collect and wash them at the next delivery.


Are all event products available all year round?

In this section you will find mainly products related to the upcoming holidays: Galette des rois, Candlemas, Chinese New Year, Easter, St Nicolas, National Holiday… but some trays will be timeless and will remain available all year round although the fresh products may vary with the seasons.

Can I subscribe?

This section was originally created to offer you solutions for one-off events, so weekly subscription is not planed, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to receive an afterwork basket each week.


Is it possible to add a personal note to my gift basket?

Yes after placing an order a specific section is provided for this purpose for gift baskets only.

Is it possible to add a personal item to the basket?

Yes, just send the object to our workshop. We will add it to the basket. Contact us by email via

What are the delivery times?

We deliver every day from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. Any order placed before 5pm can therefore be delivered the next day, except if you order on Friday or Saturday, your basket cannot be delivered before the following Monday.

Is it possible to order large quantities for corporate gifts?

Yes, we are used to delivering large numbers of baskets to different addresses. However, for logistical reasons we advise you to place your order by email via


Is it mandatory to create an account?

When you place your first order, your account will be created automatically. This will allow you to track your order, adapt your subscription and avoid having to enter all your information for each next order.

How do I adapt my subscription?

First of all, you need to login in the upper right-hand corner of the website. Then you will be able to change the frequency and day of delivery in the section « your subscription ». If you wish to change the size of the basket we advise you to suspend your current subscription and to reselect a new subscription in the fruit section.


What are the delivery costs?

For fruit and vegetables, snacks and event baskets: delivery is included from 26€ everywhere in Brussels, both for companies and individuals. For companies we also deliver fruit subscriptions in Walloon and Flemish Brabant.
For gift baskets the delivery is 12,5€ and is possible everywhere in Belgium. This may seem expensive but guarantees a quality service, which we believe is essential to warranty the delivery of unexpected gift to their recipient. In fact, in addition to taking care of your baskets, our delivery people make sure that your gift arrives at its destination. In case of absence, the basket will be delivered the next day rather than being dropped off at a relay point. This system guarantees us a success rate close to 100%.

What are the delivery times?

Fruit baskets, snacks and gift baskets can be delivered the next day for orders placed before 5pm. Please note we are closed on Saturday and Sunday

What happens if my weekly order falls on a public holiday?

You will be delivered the following day. Unless the holiday falls on a Friday, in this case we deliver one day in advance.


What payment methods can I use?

If you are a private individual :
You can pay either by bancontact or by credit card. Your payment will be immediate.
If you wish to pay in cash, please place your order by email.

If you are a company, we work by invoices.
Your basket will be delivered immediately and you will pay afterwards on the basis of an invoice which will be sent to you by email. Please be particularly careful when entering your invoice details and your VAT number.